2010 - Final Thesis

Problem Statement
Today INVISIO Headsets is present in several mission critical communication segments. As the radio signal changes from analog to digital, new market opportunities arise. INVISIO Headsets needs to research if police on motorcycles are a new feasible market segment. With primary focus on the Danish, and secondary German market, a market analysis has to be conducted. Current use patterns on radio communication on motorcycles need to be researched. Further, potential technological obstacles in this new environment needs to be clarified. Finally the market size must be researched as well as competitors and other important players. The report will state if police on motorcycles are a segment that is recommended to future investment.

INVISIO Headsets, Danish Police, German Police, Zenitel, Radiocom Danmark, Schuberth, KS KommunikationsSysteme, Selectric, Aagesen Motorcykler, MC Parts





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