About Me

Born Jan. 02 1986 in Dresden (Former East-Germany)

Moved to northern Germany in 1989.

During my high school period in Flensburg, I was always interested in Science but also tried to explore my creative side by working with Photoshop and PowerPoint.

At the age of 14 I became Germany's youngest WingTsun (Kung Fu) trainer of the EWTO. While living on a dormitory during my high school time, I managed my own WingTsun school together with a former sparring partner.

A part from Kung Fu, I practiced several other sports in my life such as swimming, rowing, kajaking, handball and volleyball. The latter I currently join at Gladsaxe Volleyball Klub where I occasionally function as a trainer and team captain.

While living at the residence hall in Copenhagen between 2005 and 2009, I functioned as kitchen responsible for 16 international indiviudals and was member of the bar committee, helping the bar recover from a crises with too few guests.

Since my study program included an internship, I had the pleasure to work at Denmark's largest pharmaceutical wholesaler, Nomeco. I gained access to this position by working on a project about RFID technolgy within the Danish pharmaceutical industry. This project was created by close teamwork with two students from Spain, one from Poland and one from France and was assigned by the Danish Technological Institute. During my time at Nomeco, I researched possible RFID integration, helped optimizing the warehouse and also identified risk/failure points in the production process.

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